Gun Overview
Gun Wheels Drag Ropes Limber Ammunition


The Gun barrel is turned by hand out of timber. After it has been turned on a very large lathe, it is taken back to the workshop and fixed to the rest of the Gun carriage, painted and prepared with several coats of paint. It is the heaviest bit of the kit needs some strong team members to run with it.


There are two wheels on the limber and two wheels on the gun. They are made from MDF and cut out using a CNC. They are taken back to the workshop after they have been cut out to have themeatil ‘tyres’ and hub caps fitted before giving them a coat of paint. They are swapped over multiple times during the run. You will need great coordination and teamwork for speedy changes!

Wheel Manufacture

Wheel Manufacture

Drag Ropes

Each drag rope is made of 4.7 meters of rope and 1.6 meters of chain attached to the limber. Each drag rope has chain at one end (the end that attaches to the axles). It also has pull loops attached along the length of the rope for runners to hold on to as they work together to pull the gun and limber through the course.


The limber is made from Medium Density Fibre Board (MDF) and cut out using a CNC machine.
The parts are then taken back to the workshop, glued and screwed together and then painted with several coats of paint.

Limber Manufacture

Limber Manufacture

Limber Manufacture

The box contains the ‘shells’ that are taken out at the firing line after you have gone through the enemy wall.


The ammunition or 'shells' are carried through the course in the limber. Once through the enemy wall they taken out at the firing line.