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Future fit safeguarding

As a charity, we are committed to the well-being and safety of our Junior Field gunners, staff, coaches and volunteers. Please help us to keep everyone safe. We ask you to be mindful of behaviours, actions and decisions whilst attending all Future Fit training and competition events.

The Future Fit safeguarding team are here to support you. If you would like to speak to someone about an issue or concern please contact us below, stating that you have a safeguarding concern.

Information will only be shared with appropriate professionals if it is thought risk may be an issue and you will be involved in conversations and decisions where possible.

Safeguarding Contacts
Samantha Morcumb
Robert (Tab) Hunter

Designated Safeguarding Lead

How we safeguard effectively

We safeguard through:

  • Our policies and procedures
  • Following safer recruitment procedures
  • Training for all staff
  • Promoting a culture of vigilance
  • Robust Health and Safety procedures


Please also see our Safeguarding policy download for more information

Data Protection

Future Fit collects and holds records of school and trainer contact details.
The information collected may be recorded manually and/or on computer, stored securely and processed for the purposes of maintaining a database of school contacts and provision. The information recorded will be shared internally within Future Fit and may be disclosed to external organisations such other schools, town or city councils or government agencies, as the charity considers appropriate or necessary.
We may publish some of these details on our website in order to promote strong ‘inter school’ contacts and relationships, celebrate success stories or other similar activities.
We will also publish and hold on record, the results of tournaments and competitions.
We do not hold any information regarding any individual child or family.
A member of school staff has the right to obtain details of any personal information that Future Fit holds about them. Such a request should be made to Future Fit in writing via the contact us section of the website.

Future Fit will take photos at events and activities. Please notify our photographer or a member of the Future Fit team if any students do not have photography or media consent prior to photos being taken.
Risk Assessments
Future Fit conducts and reviews risk assessments for coaching sessions, competitions and events. We are happy to provide schools copies of these upon request. These may be used in to compliment any Risk assessment carried out by the school as per their own activities or offsite visits policy. Please click here for further information.
All future fit coaches are insured under the charities’ own insurance. This includes public events; competitions; taster days; and coaching sessions.
Coaches and Trainers

As has always been the case, Future Fit will allocate approved Future Fit COACHES to each school.  These COACHES will support the development of TRAINERS within each school; and, at he end of their training, will be issued with a certificate of competence.  To see the requirements for the latter, please click here.  

Ongoing Support

Schools can expect support from Future Fit after the purchase of a gun and as they begin training their team.
When both the COACH and TRAINER feel that an appropriate level of competence surrounding the drill and health and safety has been reached, the school TRAINER may continue to train the team unaided. The COACH will still attend sessions or meet with the TRAINER to offer support and guidance as required. They may also be contacted during TRAINER absence and (availability permitting) provide support to enable the team to continue to train.

Should your Field Gun become damaged or require maintenance, please DO NOT USE IT for safety reasons. Contact Future Fit as soon as possible and we will endeavour to repair or replace the damaged part with minimum impact to your training schedule.


Future Fit will inform and invite schools to events throughout the year. For Safeguarding reasons, we will require the name(s) of staff/TRAINERS accompanying school teams to the event along with the school’s assurance that they have been DBS checked and satisfy their safeguarding requirements.
Please note that a maximum of 2 members of school staff with Enhanced DBS clearance will be permitted to accompany the students in the arena. However, should a school find that this inhibits their attendance, please inform Future Fit as soon as possible so that we can work together to find a suitable solution.

Please note: The safety of the children is our upmost priority. For safety reasons, unless there is an emergency, school staff/TRAINERS are not permitted to interact with any of the officials in the arena during the competition/event. Should they do so, they may be asked to leave the arena. Should this become necessary, a school can request a written response as to the rationale behind the decision after the event.

Risk Assessments

Please see our downloadable Risk Assessment for general Junior Field Gun training exercises and drill practice. This is designed to compliment other Risk Assessments that will be put in place by each school allowing for their own circumstances.

Curriculum Ideas

We love to come into schools and deliver wider aspects of Future Fit: The History of the Field Gun to schools.

Take a look at some of our resources and contact us if you would like us to either deliver ourselves, or support you delivering lessons to compliment your ‘History of Plymouth’ or ‘STEAM’ curriculum.

Technology - Damper Bread

A great food tech (and history) lesson linking to diets of the Boer War with a practical food element. Suggested delivery time: 2 hours

Competition Results

Run Instructions

Run Instructions

Click on ‘Drill Manual’ to download detailed instructions and diagrams.